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Kitchens go dark, textured and moody

As a homeowner, one of the most rewarding experiences is designing your dream kitchen. Gathering ideas for your kitchen from a variety of sources is so exciting, but the fun begins when you start to actually incorporate all the different design ideas into a coherent picture of your perfect kitchen.

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If you want to design your kitchen, you can get sassy with colours. Some researchers discovered and revealed that colours have impact to mood and productivity. They can also create an effect on the way we think. So, whether it’s a brand new kitchen or just planning to refurbish and smarten up your current kitchen gamely splash with colours and liven up your world.

You can start by planning on what colours to use on your kitchen floors and walls. Then see how you can create that unique look with the splash backs using bold and vibrant colours. Meanwhile, if you are a bit on the old fashioned scheme you might want a monochromatic hue. This will be easier for you to decide on the colours of your cabinetry, appliances and other fixtures.

For those who still want to be classic, you can still pick neutral colours. Neutral colours are the most versatile and can be combined with almost any colour to accentuate and add beauty. However, don’t be too preoccupied and excited with choosing colours for your new kitchen. Keep in mind that the durability standards of the materials you’ll use and functionality of the room are more important than aesthetic considerations.

According to an article published by Raquel de Brito of The Western Australian, black is the new white in kitchens. Black kitchens are now the latest trend in interior design.

Check out the article for more details and some brilliant photos of black coloured kitchens by clicking this link here: https://thewest.com.au/lifestyle/interiors/kitchens-go-dark-textured-and-moody-ng-b88794824z